Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring into Your Dream

It's easy to see why Spring has always been symbolic of new life. We can look to nature and see bird's nest filled with eggs or buds on a flowering tree and be reminded that life, great and small, is bursting all around us.

I like to think that Spring can also give us another shot at reinventing ourselves, kind of like a New Year's resolution do-over. Whether that means getting in shape for the rapidly approaching bathing suit season (yikes!) or actually cleaning out that junk drawer, the possibilities are endless. So, why can't it include taking the first steps towards achieving a long held dream?

I read a really interesting article in Women's Day magazine today that discussed this very topic. It gave some practical first steps for a few common 'dreams' that I thought were worth sharing.

(The below is from the article 'It's Never Too Late' found in the April 17, 2011 edition of Women's Day magazine)

If you want to:

WRITE A BOOK: Go to for writing conferences info.

SING: Go to to find open-mike nights near you.

VOLUNTEER: Go to for opportunities in your town.

START A BUSINESS: Go to for free how-tos.

RETURN TO SCHOOL: Go to to find scholarships and grants for adults.

I hope that this might have given you that little nudge to taking those first steps. Go for it!


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