Friday, June 4, 2010

Tofu vs Toddlers

So it begins... we received our first share from Two Creeks Organic Farm yesterday. We've been really anticipating this and, as fate would have it, I was sick with a fever and couldn't even go to the farmer's market to pick it up. Thankfully, my loving & wonderful husband left work early to help me out and picked up our share on the way home. What a guy! He even cleaned the veggies up and made dinner! I know, I know...enough of my bragging on how lucky I am. Well, our CSA share this week included: Radishes, Chinese Cabbage (Napa Cabbage), Red Leaf Lettuce, Tatsoi, Pac Choy, and Green Onions. If you're anything like me, you only recognized a couple of these items...and probably rarely cooked with those! Hence, my challenge for the week - Incorporate these ingredients into our meals.

Tom made a delicious Asian stir-fry on Thursday night that included the Pac Choy, Tatsoi and Green Onions. He also used tofu. We were curious as to how this healthy dish would be received by our greatest critic...our two year old daughter Clara. Get ready to be amazed...SHE LOVED THE TOFU!!!! I know, I still can't believe it as I'm typing this but that kid gobbled up every bit of tofu in her bowl. Wonders never cease.

Tonight I had to get a little creative since I haven't been grocery shopping in over a week and the house is almost bare. Yes, call me Old Mother Hubbard, I'll survive. So, I decided to put together a veggie soup using some yellow onion, green onions, Pac Choy, and garlic. Then I took a package of Near East rice pilaf (the Garlic & Herb style) and cooked it according to the directions. When it was fully cooked, I mixed in some chopped green onions and chopped Tatsoi. The results were delicious as you can see by the smile on Clara's face below (Please disregard her crazy hair. It's always like that by dinner time. Who am I kidding...I'm lucky if its not a tangled mess before lunch!). All in all, I'd say these first few dishes were a success.

Toddler Approval Rating: Yummy
Grown-Up Rating: Delicious

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