Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Beginning of the Middle

Well, I've jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start my own blog. What better way can there be to chronicle this time in my life and share it with family and friends? I'm truly in my 'middle life'. I had a fun childhood and great time working and traveling after high school and college. Yet, I really feel like this is the most important period in my life so far since I'm now responsible for a family of my own. That responsibility has opened up a new world for me. A world filled with diapers, storytime, playdates, parenting skills (or lack thereof), green cleaning and don't forget cooking and cooking and cooking!

Since I became pregnant with Clara, nutrition has been an obsession of mine. That's not to say that I've eaten the most healthy diet possible...a girl needs her chocolate and ice cream now and then. However, I have this lingering voice in my head saying, "Are these the best choices for your family? Is that a healthy and tasty meal for my daughter? My husband? Myself?" This is completely new to me since I grew up enjoying favorite meals like chicken & dumplins, fried chicken, and more pizzas than imaginable. Believe me, ALL of my friends loved to stay at our house! I'd like to find a happy balance where I'm making meals that are healthy yet delicious too.

So, I plan on blogging about my meals that we have, new green cleaning products that rock (and are affordable) and any other general fun thing worth sharing. I hope you enjoy it and can't wait for your comments. Let's roll...



  1. Wow Jessi I love it! Can't wait to get your healthy recipes and try them on your Dad! Very proud of you! Love, Mom

  2. Cool blog Jess!!!
    Can't wait to read more-it's really cool that you are into the healthy and organic thing too!!!!